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Thursday, April 5, 2007

News to me ... sort of

So I just discovered the use of my nom de plume in other places. This shouldn't really be a shock to me since I made up the appellation in between my sophomore and junior years in high school (as an alternative to my name, of which I had no control over). For those that like mathematics, it would be over 13 years ago.

Apparently theres a festival called Kaiban Daikyou. Unfortunately there is no Wikipedia entry on it and therefore must not be true (the joke of the week). I only found one blog about it. It kind of seems like a very well written spam entry (or could be used for spam). Theres also a European USB flash maker called Kaiban. There also seems to be some sort of concert organization called Kaiban Davao. I also noticed that it seems to be a somewhat popular name in India. I also noticed a few other bloggers with numbers in the "kaiban" name.

Oh well. I hope I don't get too popular. It might lead to some lawsuits.

Heres to anonymity.


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