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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Uwe, Der Tectonic Alptraum

I would never allow anyone to not be able to say what they want, even if I didn't like it or agree with it. That is the ideal and what we should strive for. It is easy to get swept up with the crowd, with the majority. It's easy to be on the winning team, the winning side. It isn't so easy to maintain when you don't have an advantage, let along close that gap. This is what America should be about, maintaining the ability of the minority to have a say, despite the wave of majority.

Uwe Boll isn't my friend. I don't know the man, but I do know his movies. They are generally trash. Trash wrapped up in nice wrapping paper. His movies aren't that much different than most low budget movies. Poorly written, acted, directed and produced. His have all that on a bigger budget. He doesn't make a point to hide the schlock. It's not Sam Raimi nor Peter Jackson. It would be a stereotypical paint-by-number German director, name Uwe. His latest shameless publicity is to include a teaser for his new movie (Postal). It involves a window washer on WTC, on 9/11. I'm not sure what that has to do with Postal the Game other then the sleaze and the desire to wash in hydrogen peroxide but it proves Uwe needs to stir the pot of discontent just to get people to watch his filth.

And thats the word of the day : Filth. The last thing I believe is that Uwe actually imbued a movie with meaning and politics. He's still having trouble with a narrative.

I still think it's incredible of all the talent he's getting to work with. This is how I know, Uwe either is CEO or is working in a gentleman's League of Satan (and I don't mean the right wing of the Islanders). I would still like to view the finished product only to be able to say I used the retro in-house vomitorium at my local grindhouse revival theatre.


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