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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Craze

Today is the first day of summer. Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, it signals the summer solstice. It is therefore the longest day of the year.

Coincidentally it is also the day Oda Nobunaga was forced to commit suicide (this is commonly referred to as the Incident at Honnoji). I thought this was kind of interesting, as a historical footnote. Nobunaga is probably quite familiar to fans of video games as he is a prominent character in Onimusha , Kessen and Samurai Warriors. This is the image most are familiar with :

He is important because he laid down the foundation that led to the Tokugawa Shogunate (founders were followers of Nobunaga's), which united Japan. I digress however.

With the longest day, also comes the summer madness and in my case, forgetfulness. It might also partially have to do with my trip to Motown. Any preceding day before a departure, for me, includes many instances of retreading paths. Today was no exception. The difference was that others were not making it any easier for me to get home. Delays were many, from the train to the line at the bodega, and included an annoying little girl who wouldn't shut up (also kept bumping into me). I blame her father, who starred stupidly into the vast emptiness of his mind. The "stinger" to my day occurred after I paid for my Brahma beer. It involved an exchange between the bodega cashier and the customer trying to pay for Pabst beer. Apparently the price of the beer fluctuated from $12 to $9 and the final offer of $8. I believe the patron's response was : "You know what. Forget it." Ah. Its the little things that make life extra special. Noroc !!


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