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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kwiki Mart - Evening Report

I returned to the Kwiki Mart, on my way home from work, to discover this :

The store was full of people. There were more people in the store than the combined patrons from my first two visits (see my previous posts for a play by play). What was missing was the merchandising. The collector's cups were long gone, as well as the cookies, straws, donuts, T-shirts, cereal and so were the regular cups. The only thing left to buy were individual cans of Buzz cola, selling for 99 cents a piece (and those were down to the last dozen). I am not sure if there will replenish, but it definitely started looking like a real Kwiki Mart. It looked like a major catastrophe led to the ravaging of the store for supplies. Nice authenticity 7-11. Kudos.


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