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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 The Legacy...

Checklist of things to do after 9/11 :

1> Catch/kill (depending on whether you believe in the use of the death penalty or not. I hang on to the legality of the 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the US) those responsible for the attack. Be careful not to let your anger blind you. You do not want to punish the innocent as that would go against one of your principles.

2> Memorial and new World Trade Tower(s) built as a symbolic and economic monument to America's resilience and its recovery.

3> Alleviate economic turmoil post-Enron.

4> Setup universal health care system.

5> Solve the problem of Social Security.

6> Minimize the oil crisis culminating in an economic crisis as well as the ever present, yet quite possible environmental devastation.

7> Minimize the damage, rescue the people and/or rebuild New Orleans after a massive environmental catastrophe.

8> Figure out a method to curtail and yet "deal" with the ever present (and ever increasing) illegal immigrant situation. Do not instill an "US vs Them" mentality.

9> Humanitarian help to international disasters (South East Asian Tsunami, Darfur, North Korea, etc).

10> -a- Do not start a war and/or contribute to international arms dealing. Also -b- do not contribute to the global violence.

If -a- cannot be avoided then at least try to have a good reason for going to war. The kind of reason that you would have to delivery in person to the relatives of a fallen soldier and the relatives of collateral damage. This will likely negate -b- , but at least you have a good reason for doing it.

11> Spread American culture and good will throughout the world through the support of governments that represent the people, reward humanitarian efforts, contribute humanitarian efforts and through an attitude of a human bond and trust.

12> Maintain the principles and laws of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Amendments to the Constitution and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence (and to spirit of the principles that were endowed into the documents by their flawed human creators).

13> Provide improved security and safety measures including;
-a- reinforcing our borders.
-b- increasing the trust and cooperation with the international community.
-c- make sure this security increase does not overlap into the civil liberties of its citizens or impeaches the sovereignty of other nations.

This is a nice checklist. How many of these tasks have been accomplished is not for me to say. It isn't that I do not have an answer. I simply want people to ask the question. It is like history class. You don't necessarily have to have the "right answer". The "right answer" is sometimes objective. If you think you have the answer, you would just need to prove it. See if you can come up with reasonable and logical proof. I already know my answer, but I'm not going to cheat by sharing it with you. Sorry. I will share with you what someone else thinks :


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