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Monday, October 8, 2007

Post OP

It is Monday and as you can tell, I survived the surgery. It wasn't that bad. Showing up at the scheduled time, waiting around for two and a half hours, being graffitied by the doctors, getting a nerve block, oxygen high, "something to help me relax" and being cut open, resulted in this :

And from another angle :

This is all for a torn radial ligament in my ring finger. The result makes it look much worse than it is. I can still use my thumb and index finger, so it isn't that bad. There is a little adjustment involved, but I am getting good practice out of my left hand. I am getting a lot of sympathy from friends, family and coworkers, which is nice. The problem is NYC is getting colder and it is impossible for me to slip the "Hulk" cast into a sleeve. Thankfully I only have to wear this monster until next Monday.


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