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Monday, December 24, 2007

The results....

So I was in the League Championship this week against the 4th ranked team. I was going in as the #2 favorite. Early in the afternoon, I was looking at a 30 point deficit. I felt something like this:

But things were not as grim as it appeared. Half my players were barely wrapping up the first half. There was still football to be played. Hope looked something like this :

We got a good second push, with a last second field goal attempt. Yes. Something like this :

What I didn't count on was December, 23-24, 2007, as a possible disruption in the time-space continuum. See :

The results were coal-like, especially during Christmas. I lost 131-114. This wasn't a total loss, as 2 possible substitutions would have 0nly resulted in an additional 14 points. I would have still lost by 3 even with all the prime choices. I finish as the #2 team (a position I maintained for most of the season), which is a vast improvement from last year and in the same category as my favorite team. They say it is better to share the suffering to diffuse the pain. Lets share :

To next year!


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