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Sunday, February 24, 2008

A week to remember in Sofia

It is Sunday morning and it feels like the perfect time for reflection, especially in this difficult month.

I have had the flu (complete with 104 fever), wisdom tooth acting up again (not fully ruptured and soon to come out) and as of Wednesday, a victim of electronic theft.

According to my bank, the debit card was compromised and my checking account was emptied from Sofia, Bulgaria (never been there and now, I am not sure I ever will). After years of being online and hundreds of electronic transactions, I have my first encounter with electronic theft. Total amount taken :
$3079.09. The lesson learned, namely not to have/use a debit card anymore, PRICELESS. Thankfully I will be getting the money back, but I still feel like I was gang rapped in a prison shower. What else could possibly happen this leap-year February? I hope to win the lottery. (you listening God?)

This also marks the end of an era with the semi-retirement of Fidel Castro. The man who single-handedly puts the worry into the US. We're still holding grudges from the time we tried to coup and assassinate him. He's not holding the grudge, we are. I think it's been a long time and overdue, to let the baggage of our history with Cuba go. If we are so great, how can we be so indifferent and almost worried about little Cuba? It doesn't make sense to me. This is a good opportunity to start over and start talking.


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