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Thursday, March 6, 2008

GENIUS. pause. OF THE MIND !!!

The world has become idiot proof. What does that mean, you ask yourself? Then I answer. The modern world (industrial nations) is so safe that an idiot can maneuver through life by just staying on the course drawn out for them by "someone" or "something". It is also true that idiots, the new mediocrity elite, actually achieve positions of power, fame and fortune, without much effort.

(I encountered this man in Montreal, several years ago. Bizarre right? Is he an idiot? I can't rightly answer that)

What is the viability of a society that lavishes in mediocrity? Is Idiocracy our future legacy? Science fiction is the best judge of the state of our society now, because it dares to show us what our future could be. If you look at the dawn of the golden age of modern man (beginning of the 20th century), science fiction has a positive vision of what the future will bring. In the later half of that same century, science fiction has become rather dystopic. It was still science fiction that broke a lot of these built preconceptions as well. Often times science fiction becomes science fact.

Going Green. Everybody's doing it. What does that mean? Using less garbage. It isn't getting rid of all the new garbage we make, nor disposing of the already mounting garbage we have, it is just adding less to the increasing pile. At work this has happened as well. We now use utensils made out of potatoes and paper cups with such printed information as : " The vendor serving you this Earth Cup has selected a cup lined with a plant based coating not petroleum" (no punctuation either) and warnings like "Caution contents hot". We are now protecting against stupidity and the randomness of the universe. How did the cup know I was going to drink something hot? How did it know I wasn't going to pour liquid nitrogen into the cup, thereby sub-freezing cold? Why hot specifically? There are other things that can kill us, like a nice cup of plutonium. Doesn't even have to be a full cup either. Why put a warning on the cup at all?? Randomness dictates you will never have enough space on the cup for warnings for all the possibilities with dire consequences. So may they just used hot as the most common and dangerous use with a cup.

It was quite plausible. Then I thought about last night and the bottle of chocolate soy milk I bought from Smilers, that boldly proclaimed on the side that it was made with "No Lactose". That is like warning someone eating a steak, that there is no ice cream contained in the steak.

Then I think of the recent news, just 2 weeks old. Universal is going to be making 4 feature films of the following Hasbro properties : Monopoly, Candy Land, Clue, Ouija, Battleship, Magic, The Gathering, and Stretch Armstrong. What happens to a society when satire becomes reality? In a season 2 episode of Robot Chicken, a sketched proclaimed two trailers : One for an action movie based on Hungry, Hungry Hippos as bikers and a Chutes & Ladders with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson playing buddy cops. What happens to a society when reality tv becomes reality?

I guess it didn't help that my stitching was coming out today and I was made to wait, again. Last week I was asked to come in an hour and 15 minutes earlier than my appointment, the day of the appointment, only to make be wait until 5 minutes after my original appointment was scheduled to begin. I called earlier this week to verify my cloudy, post op recollection of a 9 AM appointment scheduled only to be told 8:15 AM. Having arrived today at 8:09 and the questioning response of the secretary, may be wonder that I got fucked with again. This time for 45 minutes for a procedure that took less than a minute.

I am hoping to have my deadlines done by lunch, where I will proceed to enjoy my lunch. Because today is Yukon Gold with 4 Cheese and Milkshake Thursdays and it must be good.


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