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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Someone took my soy sauce, but IMDB gave it back.....

My faith (or rather should I say expectations) has been mildly restored in humankind. It is still very much bruised and tattered, however, it is still alive and on multiple fronts.

First of all the IMDB accidental deletion fiasco has been resolved and I quote:


Thanks for your message.

I have reset your edit history and restored the comment for you.

Many thanks

The IMDb Help Desk"

Secondly, the soy sauce that I had thought disappeared had actually shown up in my own bag. This just shows that many implied malfeasances by outside parties were indeed caused to myself by myself. No conspiracy, no greed.

So the soda in the office vending machine is now cheaper than Costco's 24 pack or Western Beef's 12 pack prices. Its is now fiscally responsible to go to the vending machine. It has been discounted from 65 pennies to 50. Woo hoo!! And it isn't even close to Friday.


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