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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hancock, Don't !!

On Sunday, I happen to be with some out-of-town friends crossing through Times Square (unavoidable) when we saw this sight :

(You lookin' at me??)

(Bright lights, big city)

(Great balls of fire)

It normally looks more like this :

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It was looking like this :

It was in fact Will Smith and a crew that was disturbing the local traffic and causing a congestion of people taking pictures (a Sargasso Sea of people). I easily recognized him in the Hancock outfit. Initially I had thought this could be some elaborate promotion, especially since the movie is premiering July 2nd. Tonight the crew was blocking 47th cross-town traffic, so the shooting continues. I am unsure if these reshoots indicate a problem, but the rumors have begun : talk of Sony worrying about the "adult" content and potentially dumbing the movie down to get a PG-13 rating. This could very well be the silver bullet for a movie on the fence. Will's movies have become Segal-ish, as I only watch them (unrated) on DVD or on cable and never in the theater.


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