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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What is SkullCandy.

Who would guess that I could now add "seer" to the list of skills on my life's resume? RIP Gygax. Though I was not at work but I can stop by at anytime for my gym bag, I noticed this package :

To my surprise and at the same time expectancy, it was a bulging package from SkullCandy. A package containing the following :

1) Another "Lowrider" headphone, this time in red and white.
2) A replica of the Martian Manhunter's heaphones, in lime green.
3) Approximately a dozen bandannas in various colors (green, brown/gray, yellow, white and blue).
4) Various iPod skinz (2nd gen mini and regular).
5) Two gold-plated SkullCandy "Skullz" keychains.
6) Several temporary tattoos of SkullCandy's logo.

Seriously guys, you have won me over. No need to keep showering me with apologies and gifts. Your product's performance did not impress, initially, but your customer service has definitely won me over.


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