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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stealing is not a sin....

Or maybe it should be a minor sin, like killing too much in the name of god. I didn't come to that statement purely on a whim or leap of faith. There was work involved and I will endeavor to show it. The circumstances are a bit common and revolve around work and one of modern man' tools, also known as a monitor (to be even more specific, an LCD monitor manufactured by Dell, 19" approximately). A monitor like that one over there. EXACTLY like that one. The monitor is THIS :

In a random walk-by, the monitor was missing from a test system, in a some-what remote corner of the office. Inquiring around and a tertiary search revealed nothing. I was forced to concluded that someone had taken the monitor. My first, and the most human of all reactions, was anger. Anger at the fact that someone took from me. But wait. It wasn't mine but rather the company's, of which I am an agent of and indirectly responsible for. Someone actually ran off with at least a 4 year old LCD (heavy usage) with a WinXP logo burned right smack in the middle of it. This got me thinking. Even if the monitor was mine, h0w much usefulness could such a "tool" really provide?

Afterwards I felt relieved. I no longer had to worry about it. I was now "free" of the worry involved in its use, storage, sale or disposal. One could say that thieves generally offer a service, for which they are treated as criminals. Just think of all the things you have that you will never use, have difficulty in selling or selling for next to nothing. Do you really want to worry about all that? People are being drowned by their possessions. Thieves just do what we do not have the strength or objectivity to do ourselves. One could even say that they provide a public service, disposing and redistributing stuff. Unheralded, unloved and a very much needed element of society.

Or I could just be spinning by wheels? All I know is that I have one less P.O.S. I have to worry about getting rid of.


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