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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Creative head in the sand

I decided to contact Creative again, in regards to my RMA Xen-Fi request. The gentleman I spoke to was very nice and actually helped me. This seems to be a rarity at Creative. He informed me that the RMA # that I had was actually a CSRA # and that my case has been closed since 8/15. He then transfered me to another person, who was also very helpful. The new person informed me that I had been credited the cost of the Xen-Fi, but that was where the trail ended. So apparently I got my money back and noone was going to tell me about it or ship me a new unit. Way to go Creative.

With this clean slate available to me, I returned back to possibility of using the credit towards a new iPod (soon to be announced today). Unfortunately, that would force me (again) to use iTunes, which is the reason I went with the Zen (native MS support, click and drag songs into device). So I await the arrival of me new player, for attempt #2. I do not think there will be a third if another problem develops.


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