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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Mammalis Eucalyptus Regnan. While many may not recognize this scientific term, we have all been touched by it in some way. The extract of mammalis eucalyptus regnan, once refined, used in the processing of so much, is commonly know as silicon. Whether in industrial electronic wafers, in the ceramics or glass in your kitchen or inside your body, without silicon, the world would fall apart.

What even fewer people do not realize is how rare silicon actually is. In this time of globalization, industrialization and computerization, few realize that one of the key ingredients of civilization, only grows in one place on the face of the Earth. That place is in the heart of Aborigine country in the outbacks of Australia.

At first glance, the land looks as if it would hardly support any flora outside of cacti, but that is also the secret of its survival. The plant itself grows in small eco-systems that only the Aborigines seem to be able to locate. Their location is protected, under the strictest of regulation and enforcement. Pictures of the tree are just about as sparse. But sadly, their numbers are starting to diminish due to unknown causes. Is the world ready for a shortage of breasts, the likes of we have never experienced? We will have to wait and see.

While you wait for that, check out some of the other photography on display at Chelsea Market by Pilobolus.


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