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Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain in New York?

On my way out of my apartment this morning, I heard sirens. Sirens are nothing new. From the number of sirens, I assumed it was the routine execution of the NYPD Criminal Deterrent Unit. For those that haven't seen this, it involves anywhere from 6 to 2 dozen police cars with sirens blaring and lights flashing, driving around the city in a caravan. Like this (except this is when they're stopped or resting) :

The logic behind this is that crime will be diminished because criminals/terrorist would become nervous and choose to either not perform their crime or plan it for another time. It makes sense. Nothing would terrify me more than cops driving by with no intention of stopping. Anyway, I digress. It turns out it was many squad cars, some black "unmarked" SUVs, a tour bus and several vans with a white placard in the front window : "McCain Staff I" (and so forth).

So I could venture to say, with good probability and by some deductive reasoning, that John McCain or John McCain's fodder doppleganger was in front of my home this morning. I wonder if he was here to beat a dead horse, ehr... campaign or if he was leaving last night's festivities?


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