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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Tuesday and My Candidate : LLM Jr.

So election day is finally upon us and the 18 month campaign draws to an end. Who will win is still to be determined. Most people are or have already voted (depending on the local early voting laws) for either John McCain (the Republican nominee, Sarah Palin in tow) or Barry Obama (the Democratic candidate carrying the equally burdensome Joe Biden). You are probably thinking to yourself : "Self. I think there are other candidates then THOSE two."

And you would be correct, but this is America after all. In America second place is frowned upon, so why would we care about 3rd, 4th or 5th place. To conclude, if you're not #1, you're a loser. So if you're a loser like your candidate, you can choose from Ralph Nader or the guy who ate Borat's breast cheese (Bob Barr). Now try and imagine how that would go. Something like this :

If you REALLY want to make a statement, a real AMERICAN statement, then you might consider voting for this man :

So just remember when you are alone in that booth, who do you think will make the change promised transformed into the change delivered. Lee L. Mercer Jr. that's who.

I'm off to cast the vote that every elections hinges on : mine.

God help us all.


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