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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Montalban - An Auto Tribute

Me and a friend were just talking about Ricardo Montalban recently, only to read that he just died. I got a few chills at the coincidence, because after all, that is all this is. A strange and eerie conincidence. Sadly his stature and voice will be missed.

To me he will forever be remembered as Vincent Ludwig, the guy in the white suit from Fantasy Island, a circus owner in a mad,mad world where 'apes evolved from men' and perhaps his most well know role, Khan Noonian Singh. Popluar in the last election was the term maverick. Ricardo really was that and more. It is only fair that this final tribute, be in his own words. Though it may not be him, this character is part of him and has the same spirit that brings chills (especially when delivered by the Shatner)


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