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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Digital Format Wishlist

I realize it has been 3 months since Christmas and more than half a year away from my birthday, but I had to get this down before I forgot. My current digital photos are hindered by a 3 year old form factor camera and a first generation digital camera (masquerading in a SLR frame & having the battery equivalent of goldfish memory). Eventually I will be able to invest in a multi-K ($) professional SLR and a Red camera. Since the economy is bad & my skill with such a camera is limited, a cheaper alternative would be in order. Here is the SLR + HD video cheap alternative (many of features of the higher end 5D Mark II) :

Sadly, the alternative form factor digital camera is not out yet. When it arrives it should be a SLR quality camera in a unencumbered form:

Sigma DP2

I sit here, awaiting the day when it is enjoyable to go shopping again. Come on STIMULUS!!


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