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Friday, April 10, 2009

Eric Bogosian sighted at the Sports Center

The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers continues to be a hub for celebrity sightings. After yesterday's sighting of John Stossel, I thought I had filled my sighting quota for the week. I was wrong. When I went upstairs to weight train, after my 30 minute cardiovascular exercise on the elliptical, I noticed someone familiar as I walked by the trainer's office space.
It was Eric Bogosian chatting it up with the staff. Strangely the only thing I could remember he was in was Under Siege 2. Sorry Eric. I had forgotten you were in Wonderland. I am a bit disappointed by my gym celebrity sightings. I haven't actually witnessed any celebrity working out. They are either in a towel, chatting it up, riding the elevator or in towels. Did I saw towels twice?


Gyms NYC said...

Chelsea Piers has a day pass, which admits you to the Sports Center, including New York City indoor swimming pool, group fitness classes and the best strength training and cardio equipment. It also lets you use the golf club and roller rink. So you could spend all day there looking for Liev Schreiber!

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