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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Third trip to the Pony Bar

I had noticed a new bar going up in the neighborhood, late March, on 10th avenue. For the next few weeks, I ventured to see its status. It looked open, yet not. The week before we went on vacation, a decision was made to have dinner there.

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Sadly, the Pony Bar was not quite open yet. We met the owner, who also owns the Lansdowne Road down the block, and was having problems procuring the liquor license. He explained that the beer selection would change on a daily basis and is comprised of craft brews. Approximately 20 beers would be available on tap and for jug service ($3 for the 64 ounce jug with beer sling, $16-19 for refills) . After vacation and some business trips, we finally arrived at the opened bar just last week. I had experienced the "jug" service at a friend's apartment social in Brooklyn, earlier in the year and was intrigued, to say the least.

Sling me, bartender!!

The first jug was filled with "Rastabeer". I would describe it as mild, crisp flavor more robust than a basic lager. We measured out approximately 4-5 pints per jug, depending of how high they fill it up. I can tell you there is nothing more satisfying than walking around, jug full of golden nectar, slug my arm. The jealous looks of passersby is priceless.

The Belfast Bay Lobster Ale, in a jug and mug.

Before I left to do the laundry, I prepped the granny-cart and brought the jug-in-sling, knowing full well I would be near the bar. The bar has been packed both times I have been there since its official opening. I first tasted the Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye Ale, but found it a bit richer than I wanted today. I went with my second taste and funny name : Belfast Bay Lobster Ale. While I was there a crazy pidgin decided to take a stroll under the bar, people's stuff and then casually(an eventually) wandered out of the bar, nonchalantly. Crazy birds!


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