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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comfest 09: Columbus, OH

I was just outside Columbus, Ohio for a wedding this weekend, but my flight didn't leave until much later in the day. I had sometime to kill, so we headed over to area near Goodale Park for some food and entertainment. We found food and the Comfest.

It turns out this festival has been happening for 35+ years and takes place in and around Goodale Park (which is the oldest park in Columbus and amongst the oldest parks in the US). It is hard to describe, but I would venture to call it a mid-valley hippie festival. All the liberal elements were there : scantily dressed people, women in pasties, extreme clothing, pets, hacky sack, tattoos, bongs, bowls, tie-dyes and music.

There was still something odd/different about the festival. I expect vendors at any event these days, but you could not bring in any of your own alcohol. You could bring a container and drink as much as you want so long as you buy it there. Also, for all the 'marijuana cultural' elements present, I did not smell or see even one instance of anyone celebrating. It wasn't what I expected to see in Columbus, but it was refreshing and mostly enjoyable. I am glad I didn't miss it while I was in Columbus.


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