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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I will never understand people

Apparently while I was watching Inception @ IMAX,I got a text from an unknown (347) phone number :
                              'Hi daddy'.
I checked my address book and it's not listed.

Text back with "who is this ?"
By the time I got home, there was still no response. I decide to call and see if it's someone messing with me.

"Hello..." the phone responds after 2 rings.
"Ha ha ha, this is a recording." Blah,blah,blah.
The rest I will paraphrase : ha-ha-ha, it's my voice mail you dumb ass, leave a message.
So I do. I tell them about text they left and that they probably got the wrong phone number and to work on their texting skills.

I received a phone call, within the last hour from said individual.

"Hello", I answer. Silence.

Again I say "HELLO??". Silence.
Then a whimpering "hello...".
We go through that back-and-forth sequence about 2 more times before I decided to get to the point :

"Who are you?".

She mocks me by repeating my query. At which point I tell her that she text me and I left a voicemail telling her she got the wrong number.

I could tell she was confused.

I then read her text back to her, which she responds with:
"Oh.. that must have been my friend Briana."
I respond, "Yeah. Well I'm guessing you text the wrong person. And I just wanted to let you know." Silence.

She hung up on me.
No apology, not even an acknowledgement of understanding.

To those who know me, I have had reactive responses when it comes to negative "situations". In the wisdom that has come with my years on this miserable blue planet, I now go to my friends for advice. What is the appropriate response in this case? Whats should I do? No answer is out-of-bounds. Surprise me.


Unknown said...

Sounds like it was a dumb kid. I don't think you're going to get any satisfaction out of this. Better to just let it go.

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