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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Power of Ponch Compells You !!

While speaking with a friend of mine at work (lets call him "B"), he gave me the idea for a nice segment. It is called the Bullshit Fact of the Day.

Today's useless facts are as following :

1) The Olsen twins turn 21 today.

I still can't tell which is which. Creepy.

What is even more weird is that this is also Tim Allen's birthday. Coincidence ?? I don't think so. I think theres a Nostradamus passage that speaks about this one.

2) Apparently Shar Jackson is back on the wagon.

She might be pregnant with K-Fed's third baby. I still don't get it. K-Fed has the attraction of a skunk. I think the smell would actually be an improvement.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Britney to sing here. Ooops. I did it again ??



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