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Sunday, March 9, 2008

First Annual NYC Wine Expo

I showed up at Javits Center right in the middle of monsoon season. It started raining sometime midday Friday and rained the entire time I was at the expo (2-5:30) on Saturday. The price was a bit steep, $80-90 per person, but there were a lot of vendors. I ended up learning a little about South African, Oregon and Argentinian wines. I took notes :

I also ended up with these "snazzy" tasting glasses. Engraved nonetheless. This will more than fit perfectly into my varying glass collection.

When I arrived, there were fewer people than I expected. It was quite dead. By 4:30, it was a different story.

Even the news media showed up. Here is a reporter for Fox Business News getting ready for a hit :

I'm not sure who the reporter is, but checking Fox's Business website I have narrowed it down to her or someone else. If someone saw the hit or can tell, please let me know.

All in all, it was a good event, though more food would have been preferable. The lack of food was probably the cause of so many wandering drunks. There were scantily clad women (many of them in fact), some with friends others in couples making out left and right. I felt like perhaps I had gone clubbing (minus the music) or was at the prom. There were numerous people there looking for "action" also. Price was a bit stiff, but can you really put a price on experience? I learned about South African, Argentinian and other American Wines. I discovered Cyprian port, cleansed my palate on Blue Moon and devoured the Cabot radish-monterey jack cheese. I tasted a Riesling desert wine from the Finger Lakes and discovered another desert ice wine made from apples. Living in the moment and savoring one of life's little pleasures : PRICELESS.


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