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Monday, August 25, 2008

I don't think it means, what you think it means.

So apparently in an attempt to capitalize on the increasing number of casual gamers, some companies are going the Mel Brooks/Monty Python Golden Years route to making some cash. If you are not familiar with either Mel Brook or Monty Python, you are certainly familiar with their works. Because nothing spells hack like reworking something you did 30+ years ago, for the purpose of making more money. For example, taking one of your movies and turning it into a musical only to, at a later time, turn the musical back into a movie. Mel is well on his way to his #2 success. Some of the surviving members of Python have managed Spam-alot and several others. Now its time to take a movie, based on a novel and turn it into the next best thing : a crappy computer game. It's part finding secret objects, part cooking sim, part side-scroller and two more things I do not have the energy to convey. Please to enjoy :

The Princess Bride Game Trailer from PrincessBrideGame on Vimeo.


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