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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Acuvue endorsement

Last night I was tired. Possibly more tired than I realized, because I went to bed and woke up more than 8 hours later, STILL wearing my contacts. That's right. I wore my contacts for 24+ hours including sleeping. You know the funny thing; They still felt great. I didn't even realize I was wearing them when I woke up (until I splashed myself with some cold water) and they came out extremely easily.

Having been a contact wearer for over 10 years, this was just amazing. I remember some contacts were to be worn all the time (including sleep) and you would dispose them after a certain time. I tried those, but I found I needed to take them out each night otherwise pain and headaches would ensue the following day. Not so with this Acuvue Oasys contacts. I have already been wearing them for 2+ years, but this is the first real test of their abilities. So many of today's products fail to live up to the marketing and our expectations. Take a bow Acuvue. You have surpassed my expectations. KUDOS.


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