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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In celebration of National Pizza Month, welcome Lazzara

October is National Pizza Month. Two weeks ago a new pizza place opened its door in the void that is 9th Avenue, at least around the Port Authority Bus Terminal (inside the terminal is not really an option unless you enjoy pain).

Let me elaborate. Earlier in the year, the pizza void was created by the loss of "Delphium", the pizza guru of the place downstairs. His replacement did not inspire confidence or technique, so downstairs is out. The place on 45th & 9th, is not an option since my incident several years ago, where I was completely ignored for 5 minutes, just waiting to order. The place in the 50's on 9th is sub-par in terms of quality. There is a good place on 43rd and 10th, and 48th and 8th, but those are a bit far away as is the place on 41st and 9th (and a little sketchy, but it is cheap). Into the neighborhood came Lazzara's Pizza.

You may know Lazzara's Pizza from their Fashion District location. This is their second location. According to the trophies displayed on the walls, Lazzarra's has won New York magazine's Best NY pizza 2005/2006 and Time Out's 2006. I'm not sure what happened to 2007 and 2008, but they did make New York magazine's Top 10 for 2008. Their pizza is Sicillian inspired. The pizza is a thinner crust version of tradiditonal Sicillian and is only 6 slices large. Some of the topping are inspired while others not so much. Their pepperoni is a divine interpretation, where it is sliced into small wedges instead of the traiditional round. It works really well and I highly recommended it. To top it off they have this great fan, reminiscent of a steam-punk area 51 :

Speaking with the owner, he mentioned the "testing" of a 24 hour schedule, but said this is very likely going to be difficult. Be he did guarantee a midnight closing on all but Friday and Saturday, when it would be open til 4 AM. Since it has opened, I have been there 4 times.

Hungry yet? :


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