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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Morning News Blues

When ESPN starts covering the president and his relationship with NBA players or when CNN starts displaying facts, such as how Obama is the first African-American president to be inaugurated a day after MLK Day, you know you are running out of ideas.

MSNBC's Scarborough proceeded to wonder why anyone would ever heckle (or boo) a president. It seems that despite Scarborough's ancestors die-hard Loyalists belief, they still benefited from the arrangement. Authority should always be respected, because it could have you killed at any moment, or something.

CNN replayed Colin Powell's interview from less than an hour after it occurred, on the same program. CNN likes to make sure all the people who suddenly just tuned in, know all the facts at 1 minute intervals.

It's obvious that the lowest common denominator television news is fighting for tooth-and-nail, requires recaps every 2 minutes or so to remember. Apparently the viewing public has brain trauma (see Memento) and needs this constant reminder to function. This is the beginning of news Twitter, just wait. A whole new news network (or internet media) that siphons information in up to the minute train of thoughts & facts. Slogans such as this would be common place :

"All the news, every minute".

"Gimme the news every minute, in 200 characters or less".\

Viva morning news!


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