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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Most Famous Growler in the World!!

The third trip to the Pony Bar, to fill the growler, was eventful as always. The bar was the most crowded I have seen it so far. It has definitely become a typical NY bar in terms of the service, in that you need to have something to get the attention of the bartender, otherwise you might be waiting for a while. It is that busy. Good attention grabbers are boobs and bills. Show some skin or Andrew Jackson and your chance of getting a bartender improves parabolically.

As I was waiting to get my growler filled with Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold (my second choice was a very good Defiant Little Thumper), I noticed a photographer taking pictures of my growler and the bartender prepping it. As I waited a tall, lanky man was bumping into me on my right. I overheard him say something in my direction: "take him down" or "take him out". I turned and looked at him straight on, he sheepishly responded, ..."yes?". I turned back. People start to notice the photoshoot occurring behind the bar and the bumping guy addresses me : "That's going to be the most famous growler in the world." I nod. The bartender is ready for the hand-off, in which he reiterates : "This is going to be the most famous growler in the world.". This time I respond with, "We'll see."


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