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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Possum killer?

Another night in Knoxville, this time in my GTA-styled rental :

I can't really complain. This is a comfy car with nice drifting capabilities. I think I'm probable scaring the locals, but you have to have a little fun while down here. Tonight while returning from a bar (don't worry, I was sober) with my friend Chris, we drive along a normal, Knoxville residential back road. I've driven that road dozens of times. This time, out of the darkness, a possum decided now was a good time to cross the road. I brake hard, but it did not appear that I did so in time. It felt like we hit something. Worried for the safety of the animal, I performed a classic 3 point turn (U-turn) to assess the damage and see if I could do something to help.

What we found.... NOTHING. No possum, no blood and nothing on the car. So either this is the luckiest possum ever or someday that possum, or his family, will find a way to execute their revenge.


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