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Friday, June 5, 2009

Saitek key replacement update

So about two weeks ago I wrote about how I contacted Saitek(UK) and MadCatz(US) in an attempt to get a replacement spacebar for my keyboard ( I got responses from both, however, the UK (Saitek's home) rep responded at least a week early and with options. Mike Cannaby, the Saitek UK rep, was nice enough to offer me options : original gray or new black. I went with black because I thought it would look better.

Today, that part arrived :

The US rep, Bradley Poteet, responded approximately a week after Mike. He asked about the ART # off the keyboard, which I replied with. A week later and I hear back from Bradley. By this point I have already received the part from the UK. I am quite happy with the results :

I guess I will use the part coming in from MadCatz as a backup, when this happens again. I wonder when it will arrive?

*UPDATE* 7/8: More than a month after the replacement spacebar arrived from Saitek UK, the MadCatz replacement finally arrived. It was returned to sender because the company name was left out, even though I included it in their shipping query. I received an email from a MadCatz rep as soon as it was returned to them and then reshipped back to me.

In this instance, the UK won hands down. Kudos to you Saitek. I can't really be mad, though, considering I have had a replacement part for over a month and now I have a backup. I guess I owe MadCatz a belated and belabored thanks as well.


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