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Monday, August 3, 2009

One more reason not to use tobacco

If you have somehow been asleep for the last 400 years, then you probably don't know that smoking,chewing or snorting tobacco isn't going to be to healthy in the end. It took until the last century for us to prove it scientifically and empirically, however, people have had suspicions for a quite a while (King James I of England, as an example).

Not this King....


We also know what alcohol and other drugs can do, though I have never understood tobacco and tobacco users. I can understand drug users and their tendancies. They have a need (conscious or subcoucious). That need is a chemical compound is that is eaten, smoked, snorted or injected into the body. There is a cause and effect. People wouldn't be using these chemicals if they didn't product an effect.

Tobacco on the other hand is a chicken & egg scenario. I was social smoker (and when you could smoke in bars) and then only in a 1:1 ratio with alcoholic drinks. I don't ever remember the effect of smoking. Most of the effects of smoking is psychological, I've found. At the very least, it compensates for idle hands. You are doing something. On another level is man's primitive fascination with fire. Fire in hand would have scared the shit out of any Cro-Magnon. In the last century, smoking has been glamorized. Nicotine is suppose to have a physiological response as well, but I found that besides having smelly clothes, bad breath and hoarseness of voice, I could not quantify my physical response. As with other drugs (illegal or legal), there is an effect. Even aspirin has an effect.

Let's be quite honest, smoking is the only acceptable way to partake of the chemical. I have never heard of any intravenous nicotine use and snuff will likely get you mistaken for possession of something worse. All that's left is chewing tobacco, which is just plain nasty, or those lovely tobacco brownies. Uhm.. pass. Switch to something stronger before it's too late:


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