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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Obama "Compromise"

Hope & Change masquerading as More of the Same?

I have just emailed the President(Obama) @ the White House website, approximately how I felt about his 'compromise' over the continuation of the Bush tax cuts. Verbatim :

"I feel pity for the millions of Americans who believed you had the answers to every ill America faces, but sadly my foreign point of view and cynicism proved me right yet again. I wrote about it during the midst of your inauguration ceremony or should it be more aptly known as your coronation ceremony. ( 

You are a poor poker player and have showed your cards too early. You have compromised for no gain or followed down a scripted scenario. To get ourselves out of the situation we are in, WE MUST ALL contribute. Why liberate the rich from their share, right at the time when their prosperity can help us all(not to mention that we helped them out when they needed it)? If we're all in this, why do they get a comfortable pass as others give more than they can, more than is "comfortable"? If you actually care about the majority of Americans that supported you in the election, there is NO WAY you can follow through with the proposed 'compromise'. Calling it a compromise is an ugly & cruel joke. I will encourage my elected representatives to challenge you on this, even if they are members of the same political party you profess to represent."


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