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Friday, April 13, 2007

Another day in .....

So black cats, walking under a ladder, spilling salt and various numerous other items and other sequences of events have been categorized as having "uber" properties. Today is an example. Friday the 13th is here. Every time that date arrives (usually once/twice per year), panic ensues. Thankfully the world (and by proxy the majority of the people on this planet) isn't a mystical place, but rather a place with things known and unknown. On days like this I mostly think about two things ; 1) the Simpson's Tree House of Horror episodes and 2) Jason Vorhees and his horror saga.

This brings up one of the latest columns that happens to unite both these passions in a somewhat coherent manner. Devin of C.H.U.D. (Cinematic Happenings Under Development) did a count down to today, by sequentially reviewing each of the movies under the Friday the 13th umbrella. Devin generally manages to put into words, things I have trouble expressing or express in an unrefined manner. Reading about each movie would illicit bursts of laughter, unable to contain myself. Starting here.

I felt I had to get my stance on this as well. I had not gotten into the series until part 6, so I am a bit biased. I still think part 6 was the best overall. I still don't know how the series ever made it to part 6 considering how utterly boring and inane, 1-4 are.

In second place would have to be part 5. It has issues and initially I also wasn't a fan. It was the Return of the Jedi or Final Frontier for me. Over time I actually came to like and appreciate what 5 was : the fusion of the first 5 movies into just one, part 5. Part seven would be in third place, but just because I found it to be so campy and the psychic is so hokey.

I believe after Jason took Manhattan, I lost faith in mankind and gave up on the series all together. Jason vs Freddy was ok. I got a bit bored during some parts and the ending didn't do it for me. Jason X was utterly so ridiculous and the expectations so low (this is a dangerous balance) and my hatred of the Old Navy actors was so high, that it actually kind of worked. I almost enjoyed myself. I cannot actually remember ever seeing one still from Jason goes to Hell. I must be repressing. I have never felt so dirty.So this is Friday the 13th, in back to back years with 2, Friday the 13th in 1 year. Not until 2009 do we again get more than 1 Friday the 13th a year. We get three actually, with two of them being back to back months. And I realize that this is my 13th blog entry. This isn't the 23 and my name is not Jim Carey. OH!
By the way.

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