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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Does anyone still care.....

Yogurt once put it well : "Merchandising. Merchandising. Merchandising." This seems to be the predominant mission statement of George Lucas' Empire. You gotta love Yogurt, its good even WITH raspberry.

Apparently Star Wars 30th anniversary is upon us, but is anyone still watching? George Lucas has raised his once glorious creation high enough into the sky to suckle at the teat of Satan. He has done with Star Wars what Anakin did to himself and to the galaxy; turned it into a dark and monsterous empire bent on ultimate domination.

First he showed off a teaser for a new Star Wars animates series about the Clone Wars. It promises to be better than the last 3 movies, but that just isn't saying much. People will watch, but then people keep watching American Idol, reelect Bushes, love sitcoms, and drive 100 feet down the street to avoid walking. The Idiocracy is straight ahead and we're not swerving.

Without further ado, here is the next piece of the collapsing and decaying Star Wars Universe :

If that got you excited, the you are a fan boy. As a fan boy, this is right down your alley. Just remember most of these ladies will not give you the time of day if you ARE a fan boy and you WILL have to talk to them.
** This might load a little slowly so unlike the German Unreal kid, try and be patient.

Sadly, most like me, (I think) have been driven from our homes and are now wandering the galaxy looking for something of actual substance. Some have found a respite in BSG or Heroes, while others continue to wander.


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