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Friday, June 29, 2007

Lazy, crazy, days of Summer

Do you remember late afternoon summer classes in school? Sometimes they used to show these "movies" meant to educated. For the most part they were usually droll and outdated. Only in my adulthood had I noticed their sublime comedy. Most were reminiscent of the pie-to-the-face or the pratfall (for example, Chevy Chase). While others were pure failures (for example,Tell Your Children,a.k.a. Reefer Madness), with the remainder, critiquing society with surgically precise satire and wit (for example, Monty Python, WB animations).

For a moment, I could feel the breeze coming in from the window of the un-air conditioned class room, enveloped in the dark warmth with my Sol, noisily humming away. It feels likes this :


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