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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Inspirational Avian Rodentia

On my way to pickup my take-out Chinese order, I saw the most inspiring thing this week. Not since Rocky Balboa and the end of Grindhouse did I feel the need to watch and cheer.

On 10th Avenue is the Highline, the former commercial Westside elevated rail which is now being transformed into parks. There was the flight of the pigeon. A rather determined pigeon struggled with a rather awkward and large piece of paper. It fell from the construction site and lander underneath the elevated tracks. Its first attempt at flying off with the piece of paper failed. While the paper fell back to earth, the pigeon watched it watched intently (as if planning attempt number two). The second attempt was a near success. The pigeon was again watching the descending refuse and now had to contend with pedestrians as well. The third time was the charm as it boldly flew off with a crucial ingredient of its new nest.

I could not move until the pigeon succeeded. I had to see the determination pay off and it did. I cheered at the fleeing bird and clapped. The people passing by must have thought me completely insane. I may be a bit crazy, yet I thought it was a beautiful moment, that nothing could tarnish.


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