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Monday, July 2, 2007

The Kwiki Mart

In light of the Simpsons movie coming out in the next few weeks, Fox has teamed up with 7-11 convenience stores to promote the movie. A number of selected locations will be converted into the fictional store-front chain from the show, the Kwiki Mart. This is news is not new. What I did not know is that one of these locations would be in my neighborhood (42nd St, closest to 9th Ave). My trip to the Kwiki Mart :

For the most part the store was still 7-11, with the exception of numerous Simpsons displays and renames. My first stop was the Squishy machine to dispense the Pomegranate Punch Squishy. From what I saw, there were 4 collector's cups to choose from; Homer on a Hog (motorcycle), Homer chasing a Hog (pork product), Marge and Bart skating naked. There were two Squishy machines and 8 flavors. There was also a Buzz logo by the soda machine.

The rest of the displays focused on the donuts, hot dogs and soda.

So I was able to buy a Squishy and a six pack of Buzz cola (which tastes much like Pepsi). There was also suppose to be some collectible straws (not my thing), a pink donut with sprinkles (which I didn't see), a Radioactive Man comic (which I also didn't see) and the Krusty O's cereal (which had sold out). According to an employee there, a restocking of some of these items will occur tomorrow afternoon (so I might have to return tommorrow). They even had Kwiki Mart coolers.

I was actually quite hesitant about this promotion and in all honesty it wasn't all that, yet somehow I got a little caught up in it. It was a "Thank You. Come Again" away from being near perfect (for me) and it almost happened (all I got was "Thank You").


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