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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Kwiki Mart : AM Report

So on my way to work today, I thought I'd stop by the Kwiki Mart again and get a Pomegranate Crystal Light Squishy for breakfast and maybe another collector's cup. The store was still pretty busy, but I did notice a few things :

1) Most of the collector's cups were gone, leaving mostly the pink Marge cups.

2) I did find a Lisa "Pine" cup, which I didn't see yesterday (I count 5 collector's cups so far).

3) All the Simpson straws were gone.

4) Krusty O's cereal was still MIA.

5) They were giving out complementary pink donuts with sprinkles at the door.

I will probably stop there on my way home to see if they restocked the cereal and if the collector's cups have been replenished. As for now, I am set with my sugar-high breakfast of champions. Hmmmmmmm. Sugar-High Donut....... ugghghhhhghghgh .


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