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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today is a good day.

"Today is a good day."

If you are still on the fence about how your day will turn out, here's my $1.50. "Today is a good day."

Will this be the last day you will ever see? Every new day is the same question, until one day when it is the answer. Imagine each day of your life as a video game level and the game stops only when you do. Did I mention that you have only 1 life and that you will always lose. No? Doesn't sound like this game would overly marketable. Well guess what? You are playing this game now, so you better get used to (and good at) it.

I know today will be a good day for me. Maybe "know" is too absolute to use properly. Maybe the word is "sense" or as Bruce would say it "...feeeeehhl. It is like a finger point a way to the moon." I think "work stress" is about as bad as I think this day will turn out and even the term "stress" is a bit overstated and overbearing. This is not to say that "things" won't happen to me. There is no true way to know, until it is happening or has happened (depending on the survival variables).

You are probably asking, or wishing you could ask me, "How I know any of this? How can you possibly know anything? You are just talking out of your ass."

And you'd be right, to a degree. But I can tell you how I know, today.

Today we have tp. Its two-ply, soft and doesn't disintegrate in your hands.

WHAT?? You were expecting the secret of the universe or something. Okay then.
The answer is 42.
The universe can be just that simple, if you know how to look at it from the right angle. vantage point and at just the right time.

Smile and enjoy the game. Its the only one in town and the odds are definitely not in your favor. At least you've amassed all those achievement points.


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