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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Tonight we dine in....

Virginia!!!!" - Uttered the bare-chested beefcake First President. If you haven't seen the 300 spoof on Robot Chicken, then you missed something truly amazing. It may still be on YouTube, but the Cartoon Network is pulling the plug on most of them. You might have to scrounge the BitTorrent sites or wait for the DVD (on demand might also have it or Joost in about a year).

"Based on actual events"

Until then I have taken 4 snapshots of the best scenes. Having read the original comic miniseries, seen the move in the theater (writing a review in the process) and for anyone who has seen any of the prolific trailers, will make this all the more entertaining. The basic premise is a retelling of the events of the American Revolution of 1776, in the same visual and story telling style of 300.

"Betsy Ross' Mysticism"

"The Gambit"

"The Battle of Yorktown"


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