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Thursday, December 27, 2007

End of Calorie Counting Day 1

Dinner was as follows :
a classic chicken burrito - 580 calories
one 12 ounce Tecate - 146 calories
one 12 ounce Guinness - 126 calories
fried plantains - 232 calories

There were also some incidentals :
3 more pieces of Warp T caffeinated mints - 6 calories
1 piece of candy - 25 calories

I would also like to add all the incidental water intakes which I count as 1 calories per 8 ounces. That gets me 4 more calories. To round it all up I will also include the vitamins and supplements I take on a daily basis. Fish oil pill are listed at 10 calories a pill and I take 3 pills - 30 calories. My multivitamin has no caloric quantifier, yet I feel compelled to do the same with it as I did to water, so count another calorie.

Total caloric intake for the day:
2896 calories

Thankfully out of all the guidelines, 2550/day was the base low and 3000 was base high, so technically I may still be in maintain/slight less stage. Thankfully tomorrow will not involve a milk shake and I am going to take a ride on the hamster wheel, eh, I mean go to the gym.


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