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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year !!

"Another day, another year
and the universe is still here.
Will we be ?" - me

You may read that and think, "That's a bit cryptic for the new year and somewhat cynical." And I would respond with, "It's not cynical, it is just an expression of unforeseeable uncertainty."

This did not distract anyone from partying like it was 2007 (and it was). I was at a party up on 51st street.

At approximately 35 minutes to "magic hour", the party hit 7th Avenue where we could see Times Square.

That was the scene looking downtown. Uptown wasn't looking any less quiet.

With minutes to go before the ball drop, balloons were released. Thankfully they were NOT filled with Zyklon B.

With under a minute to go before midnight, the ball begins to move and change colors. It is also apparently the 100 anniversary of the ball drop (1907-2007). It went something like this :

There was also some fireworks uptown :

And then 2 minutes later was the mad dash home.

But what I found most amusing was the tourists, who were jumping into strangers' pictures and doing their best reproduction of the fights from West Side Story.

Well, that's the last time I do that. 24 years in NYC and this was my one and only, standing in the cold, with no booze (at least we had some up in the apartment, but I can't vouch for all the sober cold people) watching a teeny tiny colored ball drop.



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