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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Christmas

After making up for the last 3 major holidays, Christmas was a binging session for me. The Romans would look at me an proclaim me a "righteous citizen". I did everything but visit the vomitorium. I went to a half dozen Christmas parties, 2 Christmas dinners and 3 Christmases (due to my extended and soon to be incorporated family).

I somehow felt like I should check my oil, rotate the tires, check the brakes, etc (especially in light of my recent transition from Carousel and several major injuries). So today I am making an inventory of everything that I ingest.

Breakfast and morning snacks:
coffee - 22 calories
2 servings of powdered creamer with coffee - 20 calories
1 cookie - 22 calories
40% serving of caffeinated sunflower seeds - 126 calories
6 pretzels - 25 calories
3 Warp T Green caffeinated mints - 6 calories
3 Dove caramel minis - 120 calories

Total caloric intake so far : 341 calories


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