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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A man with a cat on his head.

Though the title may sound like a Monty Python sketch or line, I assure you it is a reality. After picking up a prescription of antibiotics from my dentist (to combat the gum infection caused by my protruding wisdom tooth), I decided to walk a bit uptown and check out the new Magnolia Bakery at 69th and Columbus Avenue. After picking up a bunch of delicious pastries, I made my way downtown to 24 hour pharmacy to fulfill the prescription. There on the corner of 9th Avenue and Lincoln Center, a man with a black and white tabby on his head was having a conversation with a woman. I wish my phone would work on a regular basis as I missed yet another opportunity to document the reason NYC is such an unique place. This wasn't a stuffed cat. It was a cat and it was moving and balancing on this man's head. Battery life span ruins another memorable photo. I was even going to post any picture of a man with a cat on his head for comic effect. Strangely enough I couldn't find one. Excuse me while I kick myself.


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