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Thursday, February 21, 2008


So it is official. The slaying of HD-DVD is complete. I know Toshiba officially ended the Format Skirmish 2 days ago, but the last of the movie studios, Paramount, has gone Blu-Ray. HD-DVD is all dead. Only one thing you can do now, "Go through their pockets and look for loose change."

After a short wake, the format will be buried right in between BetaMax and ATRAC (both the 70's music format and Sony's proprietary audio compression - its a big cemetery) . It had potential, but sadly it did not have enough support or recognition. You will be missed, more by some than others.

conceived sometime in 2003 as a unified format (gestation)

B. March 31,2006-
D. February 21, 2008

Post-Bereavement : My format of choice is still DVD. I am almost not buying any new DVDs unless it is something I must have (and absolutely love) or I rent it online. I don't think an unified format is going to fix that. DVDs are already digitized. Theres going to be a proliferation of the existing technology until the next leap in entertainment. Blu-Ray is not as big a leap as the leap from VHS to DVD. Why buy again something that doesn't look bad already (up-convert) and pay a premium price for it ? At this time I do not feel this is a prudent course to spend my hard earned credits. Instead I will await till players and movies price drops, all the former HD-DVD studios release Blu-Ray versions and I return from Bali or somewhere remote.

So till next year Blu-Ray.

2008 - ??


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