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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Blade Wars Contiue

When I saw this post on Gizmodo, I could not stop laughing. I thought of an Onion parody product. I was wrong :

If the picture is not enough I will describe this. It is a chromed 5 blade razor with built in LED light, priced at a reasonable price of $150 (US). Frankly I was shocked. This is like the iPhone situation. If I buy a razor like this, I would want it to have : 6 blades, 2 aloe strips, 2 LED lights (1 for shaving in the dark and another for finding the bathroom at night with the lights off), a USB hub and a hotspot wireless network detector. That Apple power button should stay, however, as it's the aesthetic element that holds the product together (like that infamous rug).


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