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Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh boy

Just when I thought after seeing that razer, things couldn't get any stranger, the universe launches some spit balls at me :

Whether coffee has beneficial qualities or detrimental to one's health and diet (usually if you have too much, but then too much of anything is not so good), is not an issue. Coffee is an edible item. I want to drink coffee and not bond (and in some cases make love) to it. A giant log shaped coffee grinder that works off the biorhythm pulses of the holder's body is a nice concept (and engineering project). Its not a baby. Cuddling up with a nice log (that doubles as a pillow and coffee grinder) is what I find relaxing. At that size I would like it to brew the coffee as well. Now thats bonding.

In the end it's a device that grinds up beans. This makes we wonder if there is a fetish where one has sex with appliances. I wonder what that's called?


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