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Friday, June 6, 2008

No response...

I just finished serving my civic duty. Yes, that democratic convention of serving on a jury. The last time I had to serve was approximately 7 years ago. It was my first time and I actually got to serve on a jury (and even got to decide a person's fate, none of that bullshit pleabargaining) at Queens Country Supreme Court in Kew Gardens, Queens, NYC.

This time was a little different. For instace I served in Manhattan this time. 

My servitude was an exercise in patience, as all I did was wait. At least I had the internet, although it was quit restriced. I couldn't even use chat, go to or YouTube. That seems somehow un-American. As an American, I believe we have the right to over-consumption of everything. Thankfully that American inventiveness allowed my to stream content from Veoh during my servitude. 

I arrived early the first day, only to have more than 1/2 the people released by 10 AM. After lunch, so are we. By 13:30, I am dismissed. The next day, I experience the kind of bureacratic and mindless repetition. Roll call. (Say name, sometimes horribly misspronounced and nasaly), wait 1 second and say out loud : "No Response". Now repeat this 100+ times, 300+ days a year. Now get an alcoholic drink of your choice and add bleach. Drink.

My response : "I said HERE!!!"

I can't wait for the next 6 years.....


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